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"Your Greenhouse Home: The Podcast" is a place for us to share our passion for creating beautiful, plant-inspired spaces for everyone. In each episode, Jessie talks with experts in our community and in-house team to learn more about how they create their spaces. There is always something new to learn about the plant world. Tune in for the best tips on soil, plant care, gardening, planty design trends, and so much more!

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12.12.22 | 32min

In this episode of Your Greenhouse Home - The Podcast, we get to know Hannah, the Ultimate Plant Parent and Greenhouse Produciton Assistant.

Hannah is responsible for all things plant care, ordering all the greenery in the greenhouse, and represents Tonkadale as a speaker at industry events. Hannah boasts over 100 plants in her collection. Today, she shares here philosophy on plant care, grow lights, and what to look for in trending tropical plants.

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11.27.22 | 27min

On this episode of Your Greenhouse Home - The Podcast, Jessie and Annie talk about the components of a good potting mix and how to create 5 custom soil mixes for all your plants.

11.25.22 | 29min

In this episode of Your Greenhouse Home - The Podcast, we get to know our host, Jessie.

Jessie is the owner of Tonkadale Greenhouse, a retail garden center in Minnetonka, MN. She and Hayden, their greenhouse manager chat about the history of Tonkadale, why we love horticulture, and their philosophies on plant parenting.

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