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week of 03.21.2023

This week we are talking about Zamioculcas zamiifolia, more commonly known as ZZ plant. ZZ belongs to the Araceae plant family and is native to Eastern Africa. This is a fan favorite here at Tonkadale for its easy care, vase shaped habit, and beautiful...

week of 03.28.2023

This week we are talking about Platycerium elephantotis, more commonly known as Elephant Staghorn Fern. This plant belongs to the Polypodiaceae plant family and is native to tropical regions of Africa where it grows naturally...

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Perennial garden plans for full sun, shade, part sun and pollinators.

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guide to indoor lighting

Use this graphic to visualize the different light conditions that can occur in a typical indoor environment. For more information, read the full blog post that explains each term here.

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Your plant hardiness zone will determine which perennials are most likely to thrive in your location. Use our map below to determine your approximate zone.

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