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week of 09.18.2023

This week we are talking about Pellionia, commonly known as Trailing Begonia or Rainbow Vine. This species of flowering plant that belongs to the Urticaceae or Nettle plant family along with Pilea and is native to Southeast Asia. In its native habitat you will find Pellionia growing under the canopy of other plants. Pellionia is an interesting, somewhat...

week of 09.27.2023

This week we are talking about Hoya cumingiana. This plant is native to the Philippines and belongs to the Apocynaceae or Dogbane plant family along with Adenium, Plumeria, and Stapelia. This adorable Hoya has small, rounded leaves and yellow flowers with burgundy centers that pack a beautifully scented citrus punch. Hoya cumingiana was first...

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