Houseplants – Light Up Their Lives

Houseplants – Light Up Their Lives

Posted by Megan Nichols on Nov 16th 2019

What can we say? we’re so in love with this houseplant light requirement graphic that we’re (almost) speechless! This genius piece (created by our own Andie Hermon) is everything. We like to share, though, so we’ll give you a bit more info to go along with it.

Light is important, plants need it to create their own food – it’s science (photosynthesis, to be exact). Of course, not all plants like the same amount of light, so it’s important to pay attention to the type of light a plant prefers. But…what do the different types of light really mean?

The Basics
Determine which direction your window is facing and identify any obstructions (trees, other buildings, sheer curtains) when determining the amount of available light in a room.

Bright Light
Plants that prefer bright light want “direct” sun from a South or West facing window. Sun loving plants, such as succulents, will prefer about six hours of light and will do best in a South or West facing window.

Bright, Indirect Light
This is usually within three feet of a window, even on the same wall as a window, but not directly in the path of the sun’s rays. This can also be an East facing window since the morning sun is less intense and lasts for only a short time.

Medium Light
This light can be dappled through trees, or it may be that the plant is a few feet from the window (three or less). Plants that prefer low to medium light may be sensitive to too much sun exposure and will likely burn in bright, direct light.

Low Light
Low light plants can be set further back from a window and are able to survive with no direct light. Sansevieria and ZZ are the best options for low light. All plants need natural light or a grow light, no plant will survive for long in a room without any windows or a supplement.

Learn how much light your plant needs, know what type of light you have where you want to put your plants, and you’re all set! Feel free to print this graphic and bring it along to the greenhouse – we’re here to help!