Custom Order - 'Black Ice®' Plum - 10 gal

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Prunus ‘Lydecker’ PP16,621

Zone: 3B

Size: 8-12’ H x 10-12’ W

This hardy plum originated at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.  ‘BlackIce®’ is a cross between a cherry plum and a Japanese dessert plum.  This hardy hybrid produces large fruits early in the season.  Two-inch, black spheres are delicious and juicy fresh off the tree!  They are appealing to wildlife and beneficial insects as well.  Plums do have some disease susceptibility and like all fruit trees, they are best pruned annually while dormant.  Position ‘BlackIce® in a bright location with well-drained soil for best results.  ‘Toka’ makes the perfect pollinator for this self-sterile tree.