Custom Order - 'Starlite®' Crabapple - 10 gal

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Malus x ‘Jeflite’

Zone: 2

Size: 25’ H x 15’ W

Large, white, fragrant flowers perfume the air when ‘Starlite®’ explodes into bloom. Unlike its fruitless predecessor ‘Spring Snow’, this Crabapple resists scab; holding its leaves all summer. Fall foliage turns into lovely gold and small, shiny, red fruits contrast beautifully with their backdrop. Birds clean them up quickly after a good chill softens and sweetens them. Dense, upright, and easy to work around, ‘Starlite®’ is an easy tree to incorporate. Superior cold hardiness makes it a great option for up at the cabin. Tolerance of varying pH levels, soil types and urban conditions helps it fit in almost anywhere!