Custom Order - 'Haralred®' Apple - 10 gal

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Malus ‘Haralred’

Zone: 3B

Size: 12-15’ H x 10-14’ W

‘Haralred®’ is a red-fruited mutation of ‘Harlason’ that was discovered at an orchard in LaCrescent, MN. ‘Honeycrisp’ works well as a pollinator, but ‘Haralson’ should be avoided. ‘Haralred®’ blooms late, typically around mid-May. Rich, red, round fruits mature in early October. Tart fruits are delicious fresh, cooked or baked, making especially beautiful pies. They work less well for sauces, holding their shapes a bit too well. ‘Haralred®’ has good Fire Blight resistance. This hardy variety appeals to wildlife, making it a good choice for up at the cabin.