Custom Order - 'Zestar!®' Apple - 10 gal

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Malus ‘Minnewashta’ PP11,367

Zone: 3

Size: 12-15’ H x 10-14’ W

This U of M release is a ‘State Fair’ cross. The result is a well-balanced, sweet/tart apple that’s described as having a “hint of brown sugar.” ‘Zestar’s’ texture is light, crisp and full of juice.  Versatile enough to eat fresh or cooked, large fruits keep for a couple of months in the fridge. This tree blooms very early!  Appealing, red-blushed fruits are ready for harvest by late August. Fruit drop typically isn’t a problem, allowing for two harvests. ‘Zestar!®’ has good Fire Blight resistance, but can get some Scab. Make sure to locate it in a sunny spot with good airflow. Pair it with ‘KinderKrisp’ for a dynamic duo.