Custom Order - 'Royal Raindrops®' Crabapple - 10 gal

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Malus ‘JFS-KW5’

Zone: 4

Size: 20’ H x 15’ W

‘Royal Raindrops®’ is the Crab that has it all! Bright pink blossoms profusely cover its pyramidal crown in spring. Branching is even and water sprouts are few.  Flowers are replaced with dissected, purple foliage that resembles that of Japanese Maples. Leaves are very resistant to disease, so they stay attractive all season. In autumn, purple shades are replaced with appealing oranges and reds.  Burgundy fruits are small, firm and persistent. Birds relish them during cold months when food is scarce. Royal Raindrops’ makes a great substitute for Royal Red Maple and is much more reliable in the landscape. This extremely adaptable tree makes a substantial statement. Large and dense enough to provide privacy, it’s a nice option for shading and screening summer hot spots.