Custom Order - 'Royal Star' Magnolia - 10 gal

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Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’

Zone: 4

Size: 8-15’ H x 8-10’ W

Large, luscious, star-like flowers appear early. ‘Royal Star’ erupts in snow white blooms not long after the snow melts, signaling the arrival of warmer times.  Flowers produce an intoxicating aroma. This is ‘Royal Star’s’ “wow” period, so it should be sited with that in mind. Some evergreen companions and summer-blooming sidekicks are beneficial. During the rest of the season, foliage plays a minor role in the landscape. Subtle, bronze tones appear in fall and seed pods provide textural interest. ‘Royal Star’ can be grown as a clump or standard, yielding different effects. Best in rich soils with even moisture, it will adapt to less ideal conditions once established. Provide some protection from winter winds and late frosts for best results.