Custom Order - 'Whitespire' Birch - 10 gal

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Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’

Zone: 4

Size: 30-40’ H x 20-25’ W

While its bark isn’t as bright and shaggy as native Paper Birches, this reliable cultivar has excellent Bronze Birch Borer resistance. Japanese Beetles also tend to avoid it. ‘Whitespire’ is extremely adaptable. While it prefers cool, moist soils; it acclimates to less desirable conditions once established. Available with a single trunk or multiple stems, this tree can perform a variety of roles in the landscape. Whether generating privacy for the patio or contributing ambiance to the front yard, ‘Whitespire’ will draw your attention. Smooth, white bark and yellow fall foliage are two of its best assets.