Custom Order - 'Toka' Plum - 10 gal

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Prunus salicina ‘Toka’

Zone: 3B

Size: 15-20’ H x 15-20’ W

This superior tree was released by the South Dakota Experiment Station in 1911.  ‘Toka’ flowers very heavily, producing a ton of pollen.  For this reason, it is widely viewed as the best pollinator for our area. ‘Toka’ blooms around late April.  Large, red fruits with juicy, golden flesh ripen in late summer.  Some sources list this tree as self-fruitful, but it should be partnered with ‘BlackIce’ or another hardy plum for best results.  Abundant white flowers and an upright, vase-shape provide significant, ornamental appeal.  Blossoms are fragrant, contributing another layer of interest.