Custom Order - Northern Redbud - 10 gal

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Cercis canadensis

Zone: 4

Size: 20’ H x 30’ W

The Northern Redbud is an interesting option for ample spaces where focal points are needed. Dainty fuschia flowers set branches aglow in early spring, often preceding the Crabapples. Whether grown with single or multiple stems, Redbud forms demonstrate strength and grace. Neon blooms seem to highlight appealing, horizontal structure. Heart-shaped, deep green leaves take over the show as blossoms drop. In autumn, foliage turns a lovely yellow. This legume is a pod producer, but fruits persist and wildlife consumes them. Tolerant of partial shade, it’s a decent choice for the understory layer of yards with high canopy shade trees. However, it may be short-lived in areas of low light and high competition. Bright spots with even moisture and good drainage are where it thrives.  Some shelter is also beneficial. Locations with salt spray or accumulation should be avoided.