Custom Order - 'SnowSweet®' Apple - 10 gal

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Malus ‘Wildung’  PP19,446

Zone: 4

Size: 12-15’ H x 10-14’ W

This delicious University of Minnesota introduction is best known for its fruits’ namesake, snow white flesh. Slow to oxidize, ‘SnowSweet®’ stays pristine when sliced for salads and hors d'oeuvres. Deliciously flavored apples are sweet, rich, and satisfying with a hint of tartness for balance. A fine texture also makes them a good option for sauces. ‘Sharon’ and ‘Connell Red’ are ‘SnowSweet’s’ parents, and their reputation precedes them. This tree is resistant to Apple Scab and Fire Blight. Blooming annually during the middle of the season, it makes a suitable partner for ‘Honeycrisp’. Bronze-red fruits cling tightly to their branches until mid-October and keep for up to two months in cold storage.