Custom Order - 'Harvest Gold® Linden - 10 gal

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Tilia cordata x mongolica ‘Harvest Gold’

Zone: 3, 2 according to some sources

Size: 20-30’ H x 20-30’ W

This Linden has a superior form that sets it apart. Maintaining a central leader with ease, ‘Harvest Gold’s’ symmetrical branching creates a tidy, teardrop-shaped canopy. Denser than American Lindens and stronger than Littleleaf Lindens, this open-pollinated hybrid is superior. Medium-sized, heart-shaped leaves are deep green in summer and bright gold in autumn. Bark exfoliates with age, adding another dimension of interest. This scaly armor seems to resist sunscald as well.  Tiny, chartreuse flowers produce a sweet perfume in early summer that is very appealing to bees. Firm, persistent fruits (drupes) are green to tan in color and are seldom a bother. ‘Harvest Gold’ is a tough, reliable shade tree that performs best with average moisture and full sunlight.