Custom Order - 'Autumn Brilliance®' Serviceberry - 10 gal clump

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Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’

Zone: 4

Size: 20-25’ H x 15’ W

'Autmn Brilliance' is a cross between two native serviceberries. Available with multiple trunks or as a single specimen, it can behave like a small tree or large shrub. Clusters of bright white, five-petaled flowers bloom shortly after Forsythias. Tasty berries follow, earning this plant the common name "Juneberry". Birds, mammals, and humans relish these blueberry-like fruits, so drop is seldom an issue. Brilliant orange and red leaf pigments steal the show in the fall. Tolerant of shade, it works well along groves and borders. In tree form, 'Autumn Brilliance' is airy, permitting view through and beyond. As a clump, it is dense enough to function as a screen. Suckering may occur in clumping forms which can be a mark against form and function.