Custom Order - Nannyberry Viburnum (Tree Form) - 10 gal

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Viburnum lentago

Zone: 2

Size: 15-20’ H x 8-10’ W

Nannyberry Viburnum is a large shrub; native to a good chunk of the northern U.S. ,including Minnesota. Trained into tree form, this plant is able to play a more focal role in the landscape. Extremely versatile, Nannyberry can handle periods of drought as well as periodic flooding. Damp, alkaline soils won’t deter it.  This species also tolerates significant shade quite well. As a Buckthorn replacement, it shows real promise. Since deer aren’t particularly fond of it, the Nannyberry makes great filler for the understory. Tightly-packed clusters of cream-colored flowers form in mid-spring. Shiny, rich green leaves form an appealing backdrop. Fleshy fruits start out green, turning red, then nearly black as they ripen. All of these colors are often displayed at once, since the drupes seldom ripen simultaneously.  Birds enjoy the berries, minimizing mess. As fall approaches, foliage turns a rich, tawny red. This functional native is actually quite pollution tolerant, making it an excellent option for naturalizing urban areas.