Custom Order - 'Snowcap™' Japanese Tree Lilac - 10 gal

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Syringa reticulata ‘Elliott’

Zone: 3

Size: 5-20’ H x 12-15’ W

‘Snowcap™’ is a heavy-blooming, compact Japanese Tree Lilac. Fragrant, fluffy panicles of cream-colored flowers capture the attention of countless admirers in June. Butterflies take notice, but deer typically don’t! Lilacs are one of the tidiest ornamental options for our area, bearing no squishy fruits. For that reason, ‘Snowcap™’ is an excellent option near decks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.  Salt tolerance helps it thrive in the aforementioned areas. Not particular about soil make-up, pH or moisture; ‘Snowcap™’ adapts well to most locations.  Wet soil and shady conditions are its only strong dislikes.