Pilea Peperomioides

Posted by Hannah Brand on Mar 10th 2021

March 10th, 2021 Pilea Peperomioides window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS … read more

Shamrock Plant - Oxalis

Posted by Hannah Brand on Mar 1st 2021

March 1st, 2021 Oxalis 'Shamrock Plant' window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMEN … read more
Seeds & Seed Starting

Seeds & Seed Starting

Posted by Val Thies and Jessie Jacobson on Feb 23rd 2021

Starting seeds indoors gives you a jump on the growing season and also the chance to grow whatever varieties you can get your hands on! It’s really easy. All you need is a few simple supplies, basic … read more


Posted by Hannah Brand on Feb 22nd 2021

February 22nd, 2021 Succulents window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE … read more