Native Plant Seed Mixes

Native Plant Seed Mixes

Posted by Jessie Jacobson and Betsy Dvorak on Mar 28th 2024

Native Seed Mixes and Buckthorn Replacement Mix from Minnesota Native Landscapes

We are so proud to have a local partner like Minnesota Native Landscapes right here in our own backyard. MNL's passion is built into their business - they strive to inspire others while healing the earth and are determined to have a profoundly positive impact on our world, leaving it a better, healthier place for future generations. How cool is that?!

MNL’s seed experts have designed a variety of premium quality, local origin native seed mixes. Carefully considered seed counts, moisture conditions, sunlight requirements will maximize growing success for you. These mixes exclusively utilize perennial plant species all native to the upper Midwest. All native seed packets cover 100 square feet of garden. The one exception is the Buckthorn Replacement Seed Mix which covers 500 square feet.

Let's take a look at what we have in store for you!

Terms to know


The MN DNR describes the term mesic as referring to the normal moisture content of the soil, “which is somewhere between wet and dry” but excluding periods of drought or excessive rain. It is soil/land with a well-balanced supply of moisture throughout the growing season.


An herbaceous, flowering plant other than a grass.

Native Seed Mixes

All-Purpose Pollinator Mix

  • Xerces Society approved.
  • Provides pollinator habitat.
  • 3 or more wildflowers will bloom simultaneously all season.
  • Includes grasses and other host plants.
  • Performs best in dry to mesic soils.
  • Plants will range from 2’-4’ in height.

Songbird Mix

  • Created based on recommendations from the National Audubon Society.
  • Provides forage and habitat for Minnesota songbirds.
  • Performs best in dry to mesic soils.
  • Plants will range from 2’-5’ in height.

Woodland Pollinator Mix

  • Formulated specifically for moderate to dense shade - up to 75-100% tree cover.
  • Performs best in mesic soils.
  • Plants will range from 2’-5’ in height.

Lakeshore/Pond’s Edge Mix

  • Formulated specifically to tolerate wet conditions.
  • Mix of short grasses and tall wildflowers.
  • Grasses will range from 2’-5’ in height, with wildflowers at the taller end of this range.

Tallgrass Prairie Mix

  • Mixture of classic native grasses and forbs for a prairie-like appearance.
  • Performs best in medium moisture or clay soils.
  • Plants will range from 3’-6’ in height.

Savanna Shortgrass Mix

  • Formulated specifically for part-sun woodland edge sites with 25-50% tree cover.
  • Performs best in dry to mesic soil.
  • Plants will range from 2’-3’ in height.

Buckthorn Replacement Mix

  • Covers 500 square feet.
  • Designed to restore native plant population AFTER Buckthorn colonies are removed.
  • This mix can be enhanced with a forb mixture as it only includes grass seed.
  • Formulated for partial shade.
  • Performs best in dry to mesic soil.
  • Plants will range from 2’-5’ in height.


  • Scatter seeds evenly over bare soil.
  • Rake in.
  • Supply 1” of water to ensure seed to soil contact. 
  • Water 1” per until established.