Mock Orange

Mock Orange

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on May 26th 2024

Philadelphus spp. (Mock Orange) 

Aromatic, abundant blooms engulf the senses as the Philadelphus spp., commonly known as Mock Orange, opens its blossoms in June. A member of the Philadelphaceae plant family, Mock Orange is an excellent choice for providing a hedge or screen as well as a specimen plant in the garden.

Native to Europe, Canada, and the western United States, Mock Orange thrives in a moist, rich, well-draining, slightly acidic soil, but can adapt to sandy or clay soils. It has no serious pest or disease issues and is Japanese Beetle tolerant. It prefers full to part sun. When mature it can reach between 2 ft. and 10 ft. tall and wide, depending on the variety. Prune this plant right after it blooms to maintain an attractive shape. Mock Orange benefits from an annual spring application of either an organic slow-release fertilizer such as Espoma’s Organic Plant Tone or Purple Cow Activated Compost.

Known for its sweet-scented flowers, that are reminiscent of orange blossoms, Mock Orange is a versatile shrub.. Excellent in a moon garden, the small flowers of Mock orange cluster together making this plant a true show to watch. A couple of Tonkadale’s favorite varieties include ‘Swan White’ which blooms late spring and then again in summer and ‘Swan Lake’.

Happy planting. See you at Tonkadale.