Using Indoor Plants in Outdoor Containers

Using Indoor Plants in Outdoor Containers

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on May 13th 2021

Yep! We made it. It’s finally warm enough to get out and garden with greenhouse grown annuals and tropical plants. Just so you know, you have our permission to use indoor plants outdoors as a focal point on the patio or in mixed in container gardens.

Getting your houseplants outdoors for the growing season is a great way to juice up your plants with real sun energy and maximum their growth potential. Just make sure to monitor for pests and fertilize on the regular.

Most indoor plants are going to thrive in a shady location. Remember outdoor light is different than indoor light. Full sun is likely to scorch and burn big tropical leaves. A bit of morning sun and diffused light is the key to success.

Our beloved Davy, the Thai Constellation Monstera made his way to my house this week. I expect him to really put out this summer. 5 leaves at least! Davy will bask in bright morning sun each day and be shaded from the heat of the day in the afternoon. As he feels the wind blowing through his fenestrations and as the rain trickles down his petioles, he will be living his best life – I promise!

Here are a few planter combinations for a shady or morning sun location to get you inspired to mix and match annuals and indoor plants. And yes, we love alllll the begonias!


Hypoestes Rose

Upright Fuchsia

Spider Plant

Rex Begonia

New Guinea Impatiens Hot Pink

Bird’s Nest Fern




Maiden Hair Fern

Bird’s Nest Fern

Sunpatiens Tropical Rose


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Hiemalis Begonia Carnival

Torenia Summer Wave Amethyst

Neon Pothos

Non-Stop Begonia Pink Shades

Fox Tail Fern (substitute Asparagus fern if not available)



Angel Vine

Ming Fern

Heimalis Begonia White

Coleus Dipt in WineCroton

Asparagus Fern

Begonia Iconia First Kiss x 2

Hiemalis Begonia Nadine Yellow s 2Trailing Begonia Bossa Nova Orange

Mahogany Fern (hard to see, but tucked in back)

As you are planning your container gardens, make sure to pick up a bag of Tonka Terra Potting soil.

Mega bonus. At the end of the season, you will have happy houseplant to bring indoors to keep you company for the long winter months ahead.

See you at Tonkadale!