desert rose

desert rose

Posted by Megan Nichols on Mar 12th 2020

Adenium obesum Stunning and adaptable, this plant is fun to grow and is especially beautiful when it rewards you with its pretty, delicate blooms.  Light Adenium love the sun, so the … read more

My Favorite Plant: San Pedro Cactus

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Feb 7th 2019

The latest video in our My Favorite Plant series is live, we've got a tall guy talking about a tall plant. Meet Chris and his favorite, Echinopsis pachanoi, also known as the San Pedro cactus. … read more

Make a cactus container

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Jan 3rd 2019

Some of our favorite indoor plants are the perfectly prickly and adorable cacti. Making a cute little cactus container for a bright window is easy and fun, and this week, Jessie shows us how. … read more

High, Medium, Low: A Plant Trio for Each Exposure

Posted by Megan Nichols on Feb 22nd 2018

So many plants, so much to know! That’s one of the joys of gardening, indoors or out – you can never get bored because there is always more to learn. Sometimes, though, you just want to keep it simple … read more

The Succulent ABCs and some cactus too!

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Mar 3rd 2017

Don't worry, this isn't the birds and the bees, but we are gettin' down and dirty -- in the soil, that is.  Succulents and cactus are the hottest group of plants to hit this decade.  In the last five … read more