1 lb Sluggo Plus Shaker Can

MLG LG6575
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The best solution for slugs on vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and shrubs. Gets rids of slugs and snails an can be safely used around pets and wildlife. Contains iron phosphate, which occurs naturally in soil, along with snail and slug bait attractants in the form of wheat gluten. The bait not ingested by snails and slugs will degrade and become a part of the soil. SLUGGO remains effective even after rain.

Sluggo Plus combines iron phosphate and spinosade, a natural substance that is toxic to a variety of garden pests including slugs, snails, pillbugs, cutworms, sowbugs, and earwigs.

Sluggo will be most effective if used in early spring when the baby slugs appear from the eggs that have wintered over in the soil. When you see the first leaves of a host plant or other bulbs popping up from the soil, it is time to cover the area affected by slugs with the granules. Then make another application again in a month and then again in early August. With this approach you will short circuit the three to five generations of slugs that appear every season.

Sluggo works best when soil is moist but with little or no standing water.