Wilt Stop

Wilt Stop

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Oct 31st 2022

November 1, 2022

Wilt Stop

Wilt Stop to the Rescue

Take advantage of our beautiful November weather and get your greens on! Create an evergreen pot to enjoy this season to prolong the gardening season and decorate the doorstep.

With a little practice, you can stuff your pots to perfection, but don't forget the Wilt Stop. Wilt Stop is our go to product recommendation to increase the longevity our your mixed evergreen or spruce top pots. Wilt Stop is a natural pine resin that creates a protective coating over evergreen needles holding moisture in and protecting against sun scald. Kind of like moisturizer or lip balm for your greens!

At Tonkadale we spray Wilt Stop on all the pots we create. It really makes a difference. As always make sure to give your greens a fresh cut before inserting into potting soil, and remember to water your spruce top pots until they freeze solid!

Wilt Stop is available at Tonkadale in a 1 quart or 40 oz ready to use spray bottle. Only one application is needed per season.