Vanilla Bean Orchid

Posted by Hannah Brand on Sep 6th 2021

September 7th, 2021

Vanilla Bean Orchid

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about Vanilla plantifolia commonly known as the Vanilla Bean Orchid. This is a flowering plant that belongs to the Orchidaceae family. Vanilla orchids are native to Mexico. This orchid’s flowers are a bit of a mystery as it is tough to get it to flower indoor, but you will fall in love with its beautifully green, glossy, and waxy like foliage. The vanilla bean orchid is legit vanilla. The seed pods produce one of our most favorite flavorings. Swipe right on this plant profile!

Let’s talk about this plant’s care. Like most orchids these plants are going to need humidity to thrive. Mist often for ultimate success. The vanilla orchid grows best in bright, indirect light. This slow growing vine will thrive when given a stake or trellis to grow up. Plant this orchid and all orchids in a chunky, barky soil like Espoma’s Organic Orchid Mix. When watering make sure that the soil does not dry out completely. Unlike other orchids, even moisture is important, especially on the support structure. This ensures that the air roots have something to attach to. Fertilize every two weeks in the summer with an orchid specific fertilizer; cutback on feed in the winter. All in all the vanilla bean orchid is a bit of a trickier plant to care for, but once you get the care down it will thrive.

We currently carry Vanilla Bean Orchid in 4” and 6” pot with a stake in the greenhouse. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us -

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