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4 inch biodegradable pot.

Harvest leaves any time once plant is established. Use fresh or dried. Avoid eating woody stems. Hardy to Zone 4. Also, an aromatic ground cover or garden border. Tiny flowers are attractive to pollinators. In medieval France, Thyme plants were thought to be a home for fairies, and gardeners set aside a little bed of Thyme for them much as we provide feeders for hummingbirds.


Low growing plant with highly fragrant leaves. Fresh or dried, English thyme goes well with just about everything. Add to blended herb mixtures, soups, sauce, beans, meat dishes, and more. Also, a wonderfully aromatic ground cover in a garden bed or border. Hardy to Zone 5.


The cascading stems and tiny gray-green leaves are a focus in any herb garden and are also indispensable in the kitchen. Strongly aromatic, French Thyme adds something special to soups, stews, and casseroles. Its piquant flavor with a faint clove aftertaste blends particularly well with Lemon and Basil. It is essential in French bouquets garnis and pâté, and popular in Greek, Cajun, and Creole dishes. 

Golden Lemon

Tiny, fragrant leaves have distinctive gold edges. A gorgeous addition to herb gardens both in containers and in the ground. Livens up salad, soup, fish. A great choice for tea.