String of Pearls

Posted by Hannah Brand on Sep 27th 2021

October 1st, 2021

String of Pearls

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about Curio rowleyanus formerly known as Senecio rowleyanus and commonly known as String of Pearls. The genus name Curio is derived from the Latin word curiosus, meaning curious. These plants are native to Southern Africa and Namibia and belong to the Asteraceae family. Plants in the Aster plant family all have composite or daisy shaped flower. Just so ya know - SOPs are closely related to sunflowers, zinnias, and even lettuce and artichokes. Fascinating! String of everything are adorable, succulent-like plants are known for their cascading pearl, bean and even dolphin shaped leaves. If you are plant lover, then the String of pearls is a must for your collection.

Let’s talk about care. String of pearls will thrive in about 6-8 hours of diffused, bright light. We suggest full sun in the morning hours followed by dappled, indirect light for the remainder of the day. Plant in a coarse potting mix with sharp drainage. We recommend Espoma’s Organic Cactus Mix. Make sure your pot or container has a drainage hole and only water when soil is just about all the way dry. At this time, give it a good soak. The pearls will let you know if they are in desperate need of water because the leaves will begin to shrivel like a pea. After a big drink of water they will plump right back up. If you notice your plant start to get a bit leggy, move to a brighter spot. Propagating String of Pearls is super easy so if you notice the top of the plant becomes bare just cut strands and put them right back into the pot. Roots form at each node and will anchor the plantlets withing weeks. Style your plants hanging down a bookcase or in a macrame plant hanger. So cute, so sweet!

We currently carry String of Pearls in 2” and 6” pots in the greenhouse with more 4" coming soon. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us -

Happy Planting!