Schefflera Amate

Posted by Hannah Brand on Feb 1st 2022

February 1st, 2022

Schefflera Amate

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about Schefflera actinophylla ‘Soleil’, commonly known as Schefflera Amate or umbrella tree. Schefflera belong to the Araliaceae family along with Aralia (of course), and English Ivy. Umbrella trees can reach in heights of up to 50 ft in their native habitat that includes tropical rainforests and gallery forests, along rivers and wetlands in Northern and North-Eastern Queensland. the Northern Territory of Australia, as well as New Guinea and Java. If you are looking for a floor plant that makes a statement and have a bright, sunny corner to fill, this plant is a great option. Specifically, the variety ‘Soleil’ is unique to this genus because of its limey-green foliage. A true showstopper!

Let’s talk about care. Schefflera are a great, low maintenance houseplant for busy humans. Amate will do best in a bright, indirect light; direct sun may cause burning on the lightly pigmented leaves of ‘Soleil’. Mark your calendar to rotate you plant monthly to ensure even delivery of the sun’s energy. When it comes to watering Schefflera will like to dry out a bit, this is one that does not like to stay consistently moist. For larger specimens, water when the first several inches of soil have had a chance to dry out. In the summer you will have to water more often as new green growth will explode. Plant in a well-drained potting soil such as Espoma’s Organic All Purpose Potting Mix locally mixed Sol Soils Houseplant Mix. When placing your plant, keep away from cold drafts and heater vents.

Schefflera amate ‘Soleil’ is available in greenhouse in 6” and 10” pots. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us -

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