Sansevieria Samurai

Posted by Hannah Brand on Aug 16th 2021

August 17th, 2021

Sansevieria Samurai

Hey plant friends!

This week we are talking about Sansevieria ehrenbergii commonly known as Samurai Sansevieria. This snake plant is native to the arid regions of tropical Africa and parts of Asia. As some of you may have heard the Sansevieria plant now belongs to the Dracaena (Dracaenaceae) plant family (crazy right?!). And get this, the dracaena family used to be a part of the agave family! The Samurai was named after the German naturalist, Christian Ehrenberg. This very striking Sansevieria it is known for its pointed tips and stacking leaves making them structurally different from the usual upright Sansevieria you see.

Let’s talk about plant care. Like any other Sansevieria this plant is going to want a well-draining soil. We recommend Tonka Terra Potting Soil with added Perlite for a fluffier mix. When watering these plants, you can let the soil really dry out. Water smaller plants every 2 week. In the winter, cut back on watering even more. The succulent leaves of Sansevieria store water so they can handle some drought. The Samurai can tolerate bright light, but direct sun may burn the leaves. If you can find the brightest spot in your home with minimal direct light would be the best option. Samurai can tolerate lower light conditions as well. All in all, this is an easy plant to care for and such a neat variety to add to your collection

We currently carry Sansevieria Samurai in 4” pots in the greenhouse. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us -

Happy planting!