Repellex Systemic Animas Repellant Granular

REP 20020
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Capsaicin, more commonly known as being the main compound in hot chili peppers, provides more than just a flavor enhancement to foods. Research has found that capsaicin is helpful in topical ointments and creams. Now, a huge discovery has been made in gardening and pest control with this natural plant ingredient. Repellex® Systemic Granular 1-5 proves that natural is normal in every sense of the word.

A new patented formula by Repellex, works together with plants to deter predators by incorporating capsaicin and other tested compounds. Trees, shrubs, foliage, and flowers welcome this natural protection by absorbing and transpiring into a molecular structure through their roots. Animals detest the aroma of capsaicin and steer clear of your plants.

The 1.5 pound jar of Repellex Systematic Granular comes with a convenient scoop for premeasuring the right amount of powder. One scoop per square foot is recommended and is needed only one time per growing season. Simply sprinkle around your plants, rake into the soil, and rainwater does the rest. As the special ingredients blend deep into the soil, they soon find their way to plant roots and begin their job.

The best time to treat plants is when new growth is recognized. Never apply around plants that are dormant or waterlogged. The growing stage captures the natural presence of capsaicin and incorporates into the molecular state then travels upward throughout the stems and leaves. One whiff from deer, squirrels, raccoons, and other predators, will send them scooting for a more tasty green treat.

Nature has always found a way to care for the trees and plants that prosper in our world. By using this knowledge and a well-designed treatment by one of the world’s leading pest control companies, Repellex, you can say good-bye to messy sprays and mixtures. Use one treatment at the beginning of the growing season and let nature to the rest.

For use on ornamental plants only.