Repellex Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets

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Repellex® Systemic Tablets is a revolutionary new product thathas quickly become our #1 seller. This exclusive patented formulachanges the way we protect our plans from browsing animals. Itdelivers a hot pepper concentrate through plant roots at themolecular level, making the plants inedible to animals. Because theactive compound is protected inside the plant cells, it doesn’t washoff in the rain or degrade in sunlight. One treatment typically laststhe entire growing season. Efficacy is greatly improved because thecompound maintains its potency and is evenly distributed throughoutthe plant. The natural pepper extract is very safe and very effective.

And the best part? You can say good-bye to messy mixes and stinkysprays. These easy-to-use tablets are pre-measured and require nomixing or spraying. Just place tablets into the soil, water in, and walkaway! Protecting plants from hungry animals has never been easier.

Not intended for use on edible plants.