Planty Gifts for Everyone

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Aug 25th 2022

Aug 26th, 2022

Planty Gifts for Everyone

Plant and pot pairings fitted to your personality

Creativity never killed the cat. In fact, its what keeps the cat alive and well. Combining plants, pots, and PANTS is one of my favorite things to do. Expressing creativity in the language of color tells the story of the season and of the sentiment you want to express, especially when it comes to gift giving.

Sunny Side Up

This plant and pot pairing is for the brunch bunch. Have you ever met that person who is always optimistic? Those "Sunny Side Up", it's more than the glass half full kind of folks and you can never crack that yolk! Yummy, yolky yellow paired with deep dark foliage pops a perky punch against tangerine tones.

Philodendron Black Cardinal


Momma Pots in Mustard

Your So Classic

Take it to the bridge! Always connect old with new. Old work shirts and new denim designs, grounded with classic work boots keep you grounded just like this pot and plant pairing. Terra cotta never looked so good with a new curve and a new swerve. Drill a hole for drainage and add an easy care fern. GTG. Good to go!

Birds Nest Fern


The Luna Pot in Marbled Terra Cotta

Pattern Play

Sometimes we all just need a push in the right direction. Don't be afraid of patterns, or variegation for that matter. You can always pair the funky with the fair - then add plaid!

Stomanthe Trio Star


Peach and Pebbble Pot in Navy

Easy Breezy

Let it flow, let it flow. Sansevieria, just like denim are an easy care, go to basic. Pair with a great pair or Red Wing Boots or locally made pottery and you hit all the perfection point notes!

Snake Plants


Local Pottery by Brett Monahan

Pinky Promise

Never to pure to be pink! This ones for you Olivia. We heart you. Pink with passion and a flare for Frenchie! This classic and conservative pot goes all the way with this peachy keen, jelly bean so let's split like a milkshake philly-dendron!

Philodendron Goldeii


The Kendal Pot in White

It's fun to have fun! Play it up with pots and plants, and if the spirit moves you, just add PANTS.