Plant Parent Starter Pack

Posted by Hannah Brand on Oct 25th 2021

October 19th, 2021

Plant Parent Starter Pack

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are bringing to you the ultimate plant parent starter pack! We picked easy care plants for you to get started on your collection. Ultimately to thrive and shine in your space.


Supremely easy to care for, Hoyas have been a favorite indoor plant for decades. Long tendrils love to climb on and around things and, over time, Hoya can encircle a room.

LIGHT: Bright, indirect light is preferred and even a little direct sun is OK, but Hoya can also handle medium light.

WATER: Thoroughly soak Hoyas and let drain, then let the soil dry out before watering again. Being native to tropical areas, Hoyas like humidity. Grow them next to other plants or in a bathroom or kitchen where the air is naturally more humid.

SOIL: Hoyas grow as epiphytes in nature, so they don’t appreciate heavy soil. Plant in very well-drained potting mix. Add perlite or Orchid mix if soil seems too dense.


Philodendrons come from a large and varied family, but they are all easy care. This is one of those tough-as-nails plants – it’s hard to kill even if you try. There are vining and upright varieties of philodendrons, pick one or a few that appeal to you and you’re all set.

LIGHT: Philodendron grow more vigorously in bright or medium light, but they tolerate low light well, making them one of the better choices for low-light situations.

WATER: Philodendrons do not like to be too wet. Water when the top inch or two of soil is dry and empty the saucer after a few minutes to prevent rot.

SOIL: Plant in well-drained potting soil.


If low maintenance plants are just your style, then this tough plant is the one for you. Whether you’re a busy jet setter or just busy enough, this structural, upright plant will keep your growing style looking good without fuss and muss.

LIGHT: ZZ does great in low light, and even does well under florescent office lights. Just about any corner of the home or office will suffice.

WATER: Water when the top couple inches of soil is dry. If you forget, or go on vacation, no worries! ZZ can handle a couple weeks without water and can even survive a drought period. The plant will drop leaves to conserve moisture, so if this happens just give it a good drink and it will likely recover.

SOIL: Regular potting mix is all that’s required for ZZ to thrive.


Pothos is a perfect houseplant for the beginner or busy person. It’s the perfect plant for an office, dorm room, or any other low-light condition that most plants would consider harsh.

LIGHT: Pothos like medium light, but can tolerate low light. Variegated varieties develop more green in lower light.

WATER: Water when the top inch of soil is dry. Allow plant to drain and soil to dry between watering. Pothos are very forgiving and can tolerate a missed watering here and there.

SOIL: Basic, well-drained potting soil is best.



Easy-to-grow peperomia add a touch of texture to the home, and some varieties trail. Peperomia vary in leaf and growth habit so much so that several grown together can appear to be a variety of different plants. With the same basic needs, however, care is easier than planting several different types of plants together.

LIGHT: They can grow in low light, but prefer medium or high light.

WATER: Water when top inch of soil is dry. They are fairly forgiving if you forget to water or go on vacation for a reasonable amount of time.

SOIL: Basic, well-drained potting soil is best.