Neoregelia ‘Super Fireball’

Neoregelia ‘Super Fireball’

Posted by Hannah Brand on Jul 23rd 2023

Neoregelia ‘Super Fireball’

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about Neoregelia ‘Super Fireball’. Neoregelia is a genus of epiphytic plantd belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. These interesting plants are native to South American rainforests where they grow on trees and branches. There are many different varieties of Neoregelia but today let's focus on ‘Super Fireball’ which is known for its fiery red and pink hues. This plant is sure to liven up and space or plant room and will not fail to impress with its stiff stature and easy care.

Let’s talk about care. Neoregelia ‘Super Fireball’ is an epiphytic plant which are commonly grown on slabs of wood or planks, but they can also be grown in soil. When repotting, we recommend using the Sol Soils Chunky Orchid Mix. This allows the roots to grab onto the bark in the media which mimics an epiphytic environment. Water your Neoregelia when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry before giving it a good soak. Avoid filling the center “cup” of this plant with water as this can lead to rot and disease. Neoregelia do love humidity, use a Continuous Spray Bottle to increase humidity around the plant! Neoregelia thrive in bright, indirect light. However, too much light can cause scorching on the foliage. Lower light conditions are tolerable, but leaf color may fade. As always, keep an eye out for common pests such as mealy bugs and scale. Check for pests weekly when watering and keep a bottle of Bonide’s Insecticidal Soap on hand for easy treatment.

Neoregelia 'Super Fireball' is available at Tonkadale in 6” pots. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out by phone, Instagram, or email us at

Happy Planting!

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