Jessie's Holiday Home

Jessie's Holiday Home

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Dec 4th 2023

Jessie's Holiday Home

Welcome to my holiday home. This week I thought it would be fun to share a few of my holiday decorating moments with you!

I'm Jessie, the owner of Tonkadale Greenhouse and I love my job. I get to manage an incredibly talented team, work with the most beautiful seasonal product, and connect all of you to beautiful spaces in both your homes and gardens.

I decorate my holiday home in phases; starting from the outside and working my way in. In early November, I stuff my spruce top pots full, full full and am able to enjoy them all the way through February. I always seem to land on a traditional, but natural design using lots of Norway pine, Douglas fir, magnolia, sugar cones, cardinal dogwood, and red berries. This is my first winter season with these great big concrete urns and I absolutely love them - the scale is stunning. Next, my husband hangs the icicle lights while the weather is still warm. The garland and wreath goes up right around Thanksgiving to great our guests as thy arrive. I usually create my own wreath, but this year, I choose a wreath designed by one of our talented designers, Danni. I am in love with the wildness of the twigs with the simplicity of the elements all tied together with a beautiful velvet bow.

Moving inside the house, I start with my table set the week of Thanksgiving. My colors indoors are never really traditional. I choose colors that complement my existing decor and tell a color story which connects all rooms together. I love color! I always fill the table way too full, because I just can't stop. A mix of votive holders, candle sticks, and fresh plants is my go to recipe. I like to repeat elements down the length of the table while staggering heights to create interest always making sure guests can see each other through my centerpiece forest. I am really loving mixed metals these days. You have my permission to mix silver and gold. Notice my vintage jadeite pieces. I have a hutch full of it and love to feature a few pieces for special occasions.

Adding seasonal touches to your everyday life tells the story of the season and extends enjoyment of your holiday decor. Like we always say, "decorate for the season, not just the day!"

Let's just say I collect cedar garland. I have two bins full of it so I can drape it on the banister, and over select windows. The little basket garland was one of my favorite holiday items we carried this year. I used it in one garland and on my tree.

My green vintage bowl usually holds vintage marble fruit, but I had to pack that away for a bit to deck out the island with a simple selection of ornaments.

Fresh plants are a season extender and will last in your home into the New Year and beyond. I always need to have a poinsettia and this year I chose the sweetness of marble pink. I have it in three sizes all in the same terra cotta pots by Berg's Potter.

Lemon cypress trees add bright moments to a room, just don't forget to water them! In groupings of two, I always pair a tall item with a shorter item for balance.

I settled on a new concept for my tree this year. And yes, it is my tree. I could not resist the blushy-pink ornaments and ribbon. That is combination with a few vintage ornaments, a touch of yellow and I might just leave it up all year!

Decorating for the holidays brings me a lot of joy. My family appreciates it, but I do think it's kinda for me. A way for me to express creativity while creating a beautiful environment for my family and friends to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!