How to Create an Insta-Worthy Plant-stagram

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Dec 1st 2021

Move over selfies and food photos, we're here for the wonderful world of plants. Previewing and showcasing everything green is where it’s at in your very own greenhouse home.

Houseplants and plant-based Instagram accounts have enjoyed soaring popularity over the past 5 years and are adored in ways that most brands and influencers only dream of. So, what's the secret to a green thumb on social? Whether you are brand new to the world of plants or an expert Plant Parent, we would like to share some ways to spruce up your planty pages.

Engage Your Plant Friends with Hashtags
Take notice of the hashtags your plant friends use. It's a way to organize topics, of meeting new friends, reaching people searching for similar content, and mostly used for putting your plant pics in front of more people. They can be as general as #houseplants or #plants, or they can be very specific to the species or variety you're presenting in each post. We recommend doing a mix of both to really get the most reach from each post.

Consistency is Like Good Watering
As you start to meet new friends, the worst thing you can do is ghost them and go radio silent. Create a goal to post with consistency. It can be as simple as one post or story per day on Instagram. Showing up like a regular is key. You might even consider jotting down a bit of a schedule to organize your thoughts and ideas. Think of it like watering your plants – routine and check-ins keep them thriving and growing.

Build a Personal Visual Style
The iPhone has put access to creative power into the palm of your hand. On social media, your specific plant perspective is what people will fall in love with. Look through your favorite images and start to notice color trends you like, how an object is positioned or presented, and the location you are shooting in. Start to define the voice and tone you use in your text. Make it true to you and present things that you are excited and passionate about - even if it's that same plant that you just can't get enough of. Being honest and authentic when sharing your experience and point of view. This is part of what makes social media so personal and so wonderful.

Mix & Match
Show off what makes your collection unique! Avoid only showing plants that feel trendy for the moment. Rare plant finds are great, but your plant friends want to see what makes your greenhouse home uniquely yours. Vary the angle that you photograph from and mix scale to show the larger and smaller ends of your assortment. The world of plants is endlessly diverse. Take time to show off smooth, glossy foliage, then highlight the rugged spikes of a favorite cactus.

Repot & Get the Shot
Unboxing plants when you get them home if fun, but the plant world wants to see how you style them. The creative combinations of plants and pots is highly personal and unique to each collection! Some curate single-color pot collections and some love lots of color while terra cotta might be the flavor of the day. Whatever makes you happy, be sure to highlight that part of the plant collection’s personality.

Let the Sun Shine In 
Natural light is your best friend as you develop your photography skills. Look for how the light in your home changes throughout the day. Start to notice how warm or cool the light can look or feel. Whenever possible, show off your plants in those beautiful rays of diffused, bright light.

Remember to Include You
We all love plants and how they create a shared sense of community. You are part of that community. When you're creating your plant page, don't forget to feature YOU. Snap a shot with plant friends, shopping at your favorite plant store, or lounging with your plants. If you are feeling shy, pop into your stories here and then. It’s a great way to test the waters as they only last for 24 hours. Plus your interesting perspectives on plant care and collecting might inspire or teach others.

Happy posting! See you on the ‘gram!