How to Bring Indoor Plants Outside for the Season

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Aug 11th 2022

How to Bring Indoor Plants Outside for the Season

Light and Temperature

We all anxiously await those yummy spring days with crisp mornings and sunny afternoons! Plants, just like us, are excited to get outside for the season.

Indoor plants in particular love to spend their summer vacation outside. You will see massive growth throughout the summer when you move houseplants out of the house. Bonus, if you have a plant that is ailing, repair and regeneration is much more possible in the warmth and humidity of summer

Make sure to acclimate indoor plants to outdoor temperatures. You can place indoor plants outside when temperatures are above 50 degrees F and leave them out for the duration when the nighttime temperatures are 50 or above for the ten day forecast.

Natural light is much more intense than the light plants experience in your home. Make sure to start them outdoors in a shady spot or dappled light to ensure their leaves don't burn. Gradually move into more sun as they are able to tolerate. Plants that love bright light indoors generally don't tolerate full sun outdoors. However, there are some exceptions. Cactus and succulents with thrive in full sun. Palms will too but with lots of water and time to acclimate to higher light conditions.


Get them growing! For indoor plants, we recommend fertilizing with an all-purpose fertilizer such as Schultz Plant Food at least twice per month during active growth – generally spring through fall. Use a plant-specific fertilizer for certain plants like cactus, orchids, African violets, citrus, and palms. Read more about Fertilizing Indoor Plants here!

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