Happy Plants Make Happy People

Happy Plants Make Happy People

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Oct 13th 2022

October 14, 2022

Happy Plants Make Happy People

How to successfully transition your indoor plants from grow mode to slow mode

This week's snow fall reminds us that winter is on the way. And with that stark, yet beautiful nudge, we now know its time to prepare our plants for the season ahead. As the days grow shorter and the sun drops from the sky, here are some tips to get you and your plants to the other side.


Maximize your Light

The best plant parents have the biggest windows. Untimately, all plants need to see the sky. Move even your low-light tolerant plants in front of a window to maximize their photosynthetic potential.


Cut Back on Watering

Plants growth slows or ceases during late fall and winter months. With less inputs (sunshine to be exact), new growth might seem a thing from the past. Let plants dry down a bit more between watering. Watering once per week may transition to watering every 10-14 days depending on the palnt and your environment.


Get Misty

Winter air can be quite drying especially when our homes are all closed up and pumping out heat. Just like we reach for the lip balm to keep our lips juicy and plump, plants appreciate an increase in humidity. Grab a continous spray bottle a few times a week to keep them humid and hydrated.


Protect and Shine

A new to us product that we are really loving is We the Wild's Protect Spray with Neem Oil. This really cool formulation not only repels and smothers insects, it also tamps down fungal infections while offering a unique blend of nutrients derived from vermicastings. Vermicastings are basically worm waste which contain all sorts of beneficial bacteria that increases your plants natural immunity. Essensial oils make this product smell just like lemons while giving your leaves a nice sheen and shine.


Clean Your Leaves

Put on a pair of microfiber cleaning gloves to wax any wanning leaves. Cleaning your leaves often is a great way to scout for pests too!


With a little extra attention and care, your plants will be the gift that keeps on giving. Happy plants make happy people, and we need happy for the long winter months ahead!