Easy to Difficult Care Plants

Posted by Hannah Brand on Nov 9th 2021

November 9th, 2021

Easy to Difficult Care Plants

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about easy to difficult care plants. Perhaps you’re just starting out and need a few successes or maybe you’re looking for a challenge in your plant collection.

Let’s start with some easy-care plants!

#1 Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants are a great option for the busy plant parent. Mist once or twice per week, then submerge in water every couple of weeks or as needed. No soil required for these epiphytes. Place in bright, indirect light for best results.

#2 Chlorophytum, commonly known as spider plant are extremely easy to care for and can thrive with some neglect. Water when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry and place in a bright space. Fun to watch grow as they shoot out pups or propagules which are miniature versions of the mother plant. Simply detach and plant in soil. Wah-lah! A new spider plant is born.

#3 The third plant on our easy-care scale is a lesser-known climbing beauty, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. Commonly known as mini monstera, these plants grow like a weed! Easy to propagate and share with friends. Bright light and easy watering. Rt’s love to climb so plant with a moss pole or bamboo stake to help it grow big and tall.

Let’s talk about a few more challenging plants!

#1 Calathea are known as the picky evil villain in the plant world but if you get their care down right, they will reward you with gorgeous foliage unlike any other plant. The key to keeping these plants happy is H-U-M-I-D-I-T-Y. Misting your plant daily is required for shiny foliage. Try using a distilled water for hydration. Keep soil evenly moist. Place in bright, indirect to medium light.

#2 Cactus can be challenging as well. If over watered and under illuminated, they will die a slow death. Cacti come in so many shapes and sizes. If you have enough light to keep them happy, they are the ultimate houseplant for collectors! Allow the soil to completely dry between watering.

#3 Ferns can be fussy and messy, but also stately and elegant. Keep humidity high and don’t forget to water. Place in bright, indirect light. Easy ferns to start with are the staghorn fern and bird’s nest fern.