Posted by Hannah Brand on May 16th 2021

May 17th, 2021


Hey plant friends!

This week we are talking about Codiaeum variegatum commonly known as Crotons. This plant is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, just like poinsettias, and is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and the western Pacific Ocean islands. You’ve probably seen Crotons in landscape designs all over Florida or even in your combo pot outside here in Minnesota. These plants are a great addition to your plant family - indoors and outdoors. There are many different shapes, sizes, and color variations to choose – reds, orange, lime green, yellow, and pink!

Crotons love a brightly lit space especially indoors, give it as much light as you can so these gorgeous plants can keep their bright colors. When the soil dries about 2-3 inches down, water thoroughly. If you notice the leaves starting to droop it’s time for a big drink of water. Crotons love high humidity so giving them some extra love by misting the leaves will go a long way. A well-draining potting soil will work great. We like Espoma’s Indoor Potting Soil. During the summer try bringing your plant outside and then back in for the winter months, it’ll take off outside in the summer and reward you with lots of new growth. Don’t be alarmed if your Croton drops a few leaves when you bring it home, this is normal, and it is just getting used to its new spot.

We currently carry Crotons at the greenhouse in 4”, 6”, and 10” pots. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us at


Happy planting!