Shower Plants

Shower Plants

Posted by Megan Nichols on Aug 14th 2020

Make your bathroom feel like a spa by adding indoor plants. Don’t just stop at putting plants in your bathroom, though. Grow plants in your shower, too, for a luxurious spa experience right at home.

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding plants to the bathroom and shower. Many houseplants love high humidity, and this can be difficult to achieve in many rooms of the house. The bathroom, however, is naturally more humid and can be an ideal location for those humidity-loving plants.

The right plants will thrive in a bathroom if the conditions are right.

- There must be enough natural light to support healthy plant growth. If there are no windows, a florescent light with the appropriate light wave lengths is necessary, and may still not be quite enough.

- Choose plants that like consistently high humidity. Cactus and succulents prefer dryer conditions and are not generally a good choice for a bathroom.

- Aside from light, correct watering is key to keeping houseplants happy. Bathroom plants probably won’t need to be watered as often as plants in other rooms of the house. Like with all plants, just be sure to keep checking them.

- If the bathroom experiences large temperature swings it may be tough on plants, especially those that like the steady warmth of tropical climates.

Plants will be healthier if they have adequate air flow. Occasionally run the bathroom fan or add a small fan to the bathroom to create air flow.

Though not every plant will love a shower situation, there is a great number of them that will, so here is some basic shower plant info and a few to try.

Spider Plant

Perfect for a hanging basket or a shelf, Spider Plants are easy to grow and care for, and they propagate their own little babies that slightly resemble spiders on a thread of webbing, hence the common name of the plant. Grow in bright indirect or medium light, water when top inch of soil is dry.

Air Plants

These plants naturally grow in the high humidity of tropical locations and thrive by collecting moisture from the air around them. They like bright indirect light and a gentle wash or short soak once a week.


In nature, Bromeliads are epiphytes, so instead of collecting water from roots planted in the ground they grow on the trunks of trees or other structures and collect rainwater in their cupped blades. They bloom in winter, and keep their blooms for a long time, so they are an excellent addition to brighten up the bathroom on long winter days.


Known to be easy care in just about any room, the bathroom in no exception for easy-care Hoya. Grow in medium light, and with so many varieties it’s easy to enjoy collecting as many as possible.


Another easy care plant with several options to choose from, Philodendron like bright indirect or medium light. For a fun pop of color and brightness, try the Philodendron Moonlight. Water when the top inch of soil is dry.

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Ferns love humidity and hate to dry out. Close proximity to the shower will make it easy to keep this plant (that wants consistently moist soil) happy. Grow in bright, indirect light (direct sun will cause burned leaves).

Boston Fern

Your basic, big fern is a statement all on it’s own when grown in the bathroom, and especially the shower. Grow in medium or bright, indirect light. Keep soil evenly moist.


Especially good for low light bathrooms, Aglaonema is easy to grow if it has enough humidity. The variegated leaves brighten up and bring to life to any lower light room.


Peperomia are great plants for small spaces, so if your bathroom and shower space are on the small side, these little additions are perfect. Grow in medium to bright indirect light, water when top inch of soil is dry. Collect them all!

Feel free to try other plants that enjoy high humidity to make your bathroom the spa of your dreams.