plant lust list

plant lust list

Posted by Megan Nichols on Jan 11th 2020

Our plant family knows what they want. We hear you, fam! We want these amazing (hard-to-find) plants, too! We collect pics of the most sought-after specimens and hoard them in our “Plant Finder Binder.” It’s THE book we go to every time we’re sourcing new plants (which is pretty much every day). Here is a minuscule portion of the plants we are actively searching for, including some info regarding when we MIGHT have them (or not). We can’t promise they’ll arrive, but we can promise we won’t give up the search!

We Wish (and we may receive!)

Alocasia Silver Dragon - @flauntyourleaves

Leaves of various green shades provide contrast and interest on this compact version of an Elephant Ear.

Cissus discolor - @theleafstrokers

Often referred to as a Rex Begonia Vine, this gorgeous copycat is not a Begonia at all. Silver and green variegated leaves on pink stems are abundant and create a full, trailing plant. Cissus discolor can also be grown as a climber. Keep an eye out in April or May!

Ficus elastica Schrinveriana - @theleafstrokers

Striped and mottled green, pink, and peach colored leaves make this particular rubber plant extra special.

Hoya Chelsea - @inflourescences

Heart-shaped, slightly cupped, deep green leaves make this cutie irresistible. So irresistible she’s always taken and impossible to find. That won’t stop us, we’ll charm her, yet! Stay tuned, no estimated arrival date.

Hoya polynera - @peperomiapots

Fondly and aptly referred to as Fishtail Hoya, this trailing plant has elongated, pointy leaves reminiscent of a, well…fish’s tail.

Monstera Peru - @theboredwife

Elongated, puckered leaves with deep veining look like something straight out of the jungle. Though it seems to have some presence around the web, this plant remains elusive to our plant wranglers.  

Monstera dubia - @houseplantjournal

Uniquely patterned silver and green variegation make for a stunning plant. Though it’s easy to grow it’s incredibly hard to find. Wish us luck!

Philodendron Ring of Fire - @theindoorfarmer

Rare and not inexpensive, this gem just may make its way into the greenhouse in April or May! Fingers crossed!

Philodendron hastatum Silver Sword - @blushingvines

We’re impatiently waiting and hoping to welcome this pretty Philo in April or May. Just as easy to grow as other Philodendron, it’s a great addition to any plant parent’s collection. We’ll let you know when it arrives!

Scindapsus treubii Moonlight - @replantnl

This climber has nearly completely silver leaves with a bit of green. It’s a low maintenance plant, so it will be a great addition (once we find it)!

Variegated String of Hearts - @alltheplantbabies

Green, grey, white, and pink mottling and variegation are what make this plant so sought after. Well, and the fact that its just so stinking adorable. We’re still looking!

Variegated ZZ - @adamsfamilyfoliage

ZZ are some of the easiest plants out there with low watering, low light, and slow growth. Throw some variegation on there - perfection! Note: the variegated ZZ will likely require more light than the solid green in order to keep its variegation.

A Few We’re Waiting On:

We’re hoping to see these babies in March - Philodendrons Pink Princess, Painted Lady, Philodendron Cobra, Thai Sunrise, Dieffenbachia Reflector and Raven ZZ.

We Asked, You Answered:

Along with the oft-requested varieties above, we asked you what else you’d like, and here are just a few you mentioned:

  • Anything black. Anything variegated.
  • All the Hoyas, all the strings, climbing Philodendrons, anything unique and hard-to-find (challenge accepted, folks). 

Must Haves

Not all must-have plants are hard to find. Depending on different elements is each plant parent’s home, there are some essential plants to help collectors round out, or begin to curate, a diverse collection.

Pet Friendly

  • Jewel Orchid
  • Hoyas
  • Peperomias and Pilea

Pet Friendly Hanging Basket

  • Goldfish plant
  • Spider plant
  • Lipstick plant

Low Light

  • ZZ
  • Sansevieria
  • Aglaonema

Hanging Baskets

  • Pothos
  • Trailing Philodendron

Floor Plants

  • Figs (Audrey, Fiddle Leaf, benjamina)
  • Parlor Palm (pet friendly)
  • Bird of Paradise


  • Lithops (take some time to get to know these plants and you’ll love them)
  • Bird’s Nest Fern (easy care, pet friendly)
  • African violets (pet friendly, indoor bloomer)

Let’s keep each other in the loop! We’ll keep you posted as fun, new plants arrive in the greenhouse. You keep us up to date on your plant wish list. Happy plant hunting!