Our Staff's Top Plant Picks

Our Staff's Top Plant Picks

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Apr 2nd 2021

Check out some of our staff's favorite plants found here in the greenhouse...

"I love my Philodendron Birkin. In my window it puts out two new leaves every week, it's super low maintenance, and I don't have to water it a ton and it just does its thing." - Val

"I love the color of my silver sword, and it is my prized possession. I also just love philodendrons in general because they are easy and there are so many different types." - Maylen

"Streptocarpella has always been my favorite to this day. Streptocarpella make a gorgeous hanging basket that blooms all summer long. They can handle low light which is convenient, it has a lot of history, and is a good conversation starter." - Bob

"I like all begonias. Rex, angel wing, maculata, annual begonias. They have fun colors and textures, and the jagged leaves stand out against my other plants. It's old school but also an edgy plant." - Andie

"I noticed the maidenhair ferns in the greenhouse yesterday because we had just received them, but it caught my eye right away. I love how fluffy it looks, and it's soft to the touch. Its airy and so pretty." - Maya

"Ferns are kind of hard to take care of but I enjoy the challenge, and this one is just so light and delicate. I like to put them by my sink so it's easy to water if I need to and it spruces up the look of my kitchen sink. Maidenhair is my favorite fern." - Jocelyn

"Monstera Deliciosa is a top notch plant. This plant is great for the new plant parent and the advanced plant parent. It's extremely rewarding especially when it puts out new large leaves, and it's so fun to watch it grow. They grow wild and crazy and out of control like they have their own personality." - Hayden

"I collect all kinds of Snake plants and Tonkadale always seems to get in new and interesting varieties. I like them because they are all unique, crazy, and kind of alien to one another. It's also so easy to take care of and I hardly have to water them" - Aaron

"My favorite perennial is the Hydrangea, specifically the Limelight and Quick Fire varieties. They have beautiful shape, texture, and fragrance when in bloom. Hydrangeas are great cut flowers to dry inside, though my cats love to crunch on them. They are easy care, reliable, and long lived. I also love the natural habitat they create, I have a bird family every year in my Limelight tree" - Kelly

Let us know what your favorite plant picks are and why. We love to hear from you!