Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Nov 29th 2019

Time stood still this Thanksgiving. Nothing and everything went as planned. It was perfect.

This is the season of gratitude and thanks. When I think about these things, I always feel a twinge of guilt because I never have enough gratitude, or give enough thanks. To do these things takes mindful effort and I need to do more of it - right now. I am grateful for the past, thankful for the present, and have gratitude and awe for the future.

I have everything I need and so much more. The hard part is knowing that I deserve it (and so do you) - a home, a wonderful husband, two bright and healthy children, a job I am obsessed with, great schools, a connected community, a successful business, recognition, achievement, and resources.

On top of gratitude for the things that we have and thanks for the things that are done for us, let's show grace towards those who might be struggling and praise for those who show great effort.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Give more than you get. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love each and every season and each and every day at Tonkadale. You are my past, my present and my future.

Yours Truly,