5 Indoor Plants on our (Realistic) 2021 Wishlist

5 Indoor Plants on our (Realistic) 2021 Wishlist

Posted by Jessie Jacobson, Hannah Brand, Hayden Lawler on Jan 6th 2021

Hey Plant Friends!

The New Year means new plants in the greenhouse. January signals a time for growth and renewal, and don’t we need it. A time to count our planty blessings a take a look at the year ahead. Just like you, the newest, the rarest, the most variegated, the twistiest, and the hugest plants make our hearts go thump thump. We wanted to take a hot second to share a list of plants we are hoping (cross our fingers, cross our toes) to get our hands on this year.

Anthurium regale

This beauty boasts a striking web of veins coursing through leaves the size of a small child. Just like our hearts, and our other Anthurium friends, this one needs a little extra lovin’ and high humidity. Always plant in well drained, aroid-like soil. Place in bright light and be patient. A little risk for a lot of reward

Philodendron giganteum ‘Variegated’

Obsession is what happens to you when you first lay eyes on this plant! It has an amazing mosaic like variegation, unlike any other plant we know. Please note: this plant gets massive and loves to climb. Bye-bye sofa, hello Philo! High humidity and bright light are best. Our current stock of the straight green variety has us going gah-gah. On any given Sunday night, you can find our crew playing flashlight hide-and-seek behind those sail-like leaves.

Philodendron Ring of Fire

This plant is Johnny Cash, bound by wild desire, on fire! The variation of colors on new leaves range from sunset orange to fire engine red to bright pink to deep forest green. Upon maturity leaves can reach 12 to 16 inches in width and 2 feet in length. This is a slow-growing philodendron but well worth the wait. A we have been waiting…

Pachycereus marginatus f. cristata

Aka Crested Mexican Fence Post Cactus. This unique specimen cactus adds an unexpected plot twist to the beloved blue hues of the Mexican Fence Post cactus. Easy to care for with light as bright as it can get. Plant in cactus mix with lots of drainage. Guaranteed to look stacked and statuesque in the mix of your curated cactus collection.

Hoya polyneura

Just like a serenading song of a mermaid, this rare hoya specimen will call you in and get you hooked. The perfect partner for your hoya collection. A luxurious trailer with beautiful blooms. Easy to propagate, so don’t keep it all to yourself. Sharing plants is good luck after all.

Let us know what’s on your 2021 plant wish list.

Happy planting!

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