Bird's Nest Anthurium

Posted by Hannah Brand on Dec 28th 2021

December 28th, 2021

Bird's Nest Anthurium

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we talking about Anthurium plowmanii commonly known as Bird's Nest Anthurium. This Anthurium belongs to the Araceae or Aroid plant family and is native to western and northern Brazil into Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. In it’s native habitat, this anthurium is quite epiphytic, climbing and clinging to trees as it grows. It was named in honor of botanist Timothy Plowman. This incredible Anthurium is known for its thick, leather-like leaves and easy care. Just like all aroids, the flowers are composed of a spathe and spadix, and in this case, there are male and female flowers borne on the same plant. Most Anthuriums are known to be a bit picky, but if you are ready to give them a try this is the place to start!

Let’s talk about care. To start off, Anthurium do like a good amount of humidity. Misting your plant daily is recommended, but no to worry, this variety can go without. Keep in mind is that this plant can get very large with time. Grow your Plowmanii in a well-draining soil. Espoma’s All Purpose Organic Potting Mix is a great choice! Place in bright, indirect light. Direct sun could scorch the leaves, but not to worry during these short winter days. Putting your plant outside in a shady spot for the summer will help it grow big and beautiful. When it comes to watering, Plowmanii can dry out a bit, water about once a week and in the summer adjust accordingly.

We currently carry Anthurium plowmanii in 6”, and 10” pots. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us by phone, Instagram, or email us -

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