Alocasia brancifolia

Alocasia brancifolia

Posted by Hannah Brand on Jul 8th 2024

Weekly Plant Chat: Alocasia brancifolia

Hey Plant Friends!

This week we are talking about Alocasia brancifolia. This plant is known for its philodendron-like appearance and its heavily serrated dark green leaves. You will notice the stems of this plant are spotted like its close cousin Alocasia zebrina. This unusual variety of Alocasia works great as a houseplant, or pop it in a shade container outdoors for the summer and watch it grow!

Family of Origin

Alocasia brancifolia belong to the Araceae, or Aroid plant family along with philodendrons, monstera, and syngonium and are native to Moluccas and New Guinea.

Plant Care


Indoors Alocasia require bright light to achieve their fullest potential. Plant this variety in the shade outdoors for the summer.


Since alocasia are aroids, they like a chunky, airy mix. We recommend using, we recommend using Sol Soils House Plant Chunky Mix. This mix includes perlite, pumice, coconut husks, pine bark, and more to achieve the perfect balance of aeration, drainage, and water holding capacity. You can also create your own custom Aroid mix by combining 1 part All Purpose Potting Mix, 1 part Orchid Bark, 1 part Perlite, 1/2 part Charcoal, and 1/2 part Worm Castings.


Allow the top 2-3 inches of soil dry down before giving it a good soak. Cut back during the winter months as most Alocasia go dormant and don’t need as much water.


Fertilize in the spring and with active growth with an all-purpose fertilizer. We recommend Schultz All-Purpose Liquid Plant Food. Cut fertilizer routine in half in the fall and winter.

Hot Tips

Keep an eye out for common pests such as mealy bugs. Check for pests weekly while watering and keep a bottle of Bonide’s Insecticidal Soap on hand for easy treatment.

Alocasia are toxic to cats and dogs.

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