1 Gallon Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix

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Sol Soils offers a variety of high-quality soils, soil components, and soil toppers designed for potted cacti, succulents, and houseplants. They select and hand-mix the best ingredients to produce fast draining soils that help protect against root rot, the number one killer of indoor plants.

Our Cactus Coco Grit is the mix that started it all! Coco Grit puts a more eco-friendly spin on the traditional gritty cactus mix by utilizing recycled coconut chips and coir, an otherwise wasted byproduct of the coconut industry. Of the 50 million coconuts produced around the world each year, about 85% of the husks are discarded as trash. As a soil component, the ground husks offer excellent aeration and moisture retention properties while still providing a fast-draining medium. Coco Grit is the perfect choice for a wide variety of cacti and other hardy, dry-weather plants.

Soil Composition

33% organic: coconut husks, pine bark

67% inorganic: pumice, calcined clay, granite, expanded clay

Sol Soils are passionate about the beauty of plants and the natural world. But passion doesn't change the world without action. Through their partnership with global non-profit One Tree Planted, they donate a portion of every bag sold to plant a tree in the world's most deforested areas. With each purchase of a Sol Soils product, you are directly contributing to the restoration of our planet's most beautiful and important ecosystems.

1 gallon bag.