Fall is for Planting

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Sep 8th 2022

September 9th, 2022

Fall is for Planting Perennials

The cooler temperatures of fall give us and the garden a welcome relief at the end of the summer. Our glorious fall weather offers ample opportunity to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs in the garden. Now is the time for planting! Less heat means less stress for new transplants while still allowing ample time for plants to root in and get established before our first hard frost

For best results, here are our tips for fall planting success!

  • Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and two times the diameter of the pot.
  • When planting, the soil level of the plant should be even with the ground when placed in the hole.
  • Before planting, fill the hole with water and let it drain completely.
  • Ensure your plant is well-watered
  • Remove the plant from the container and gently release the roots from the root ball, ensuring any circling or knotted roots are freed to avoid troublesome girdling roots and moisture retention issues in the future.
  • The best way to prevent girdling roots is a shallow trim with a garden knife or root saw around the entire circumference of the root ball. This will free up all roots and ensure they are facing outward, not inward or encircling the plant.
  • Place the root ball in the hole and ensure that the roots are evenly spread.
  • Backfill with a mixture of one part compost and one-part native soil (the soil you previously dug out of your hole).
  • Mix in a starter fertilizer such as Espoma’s Biotoneto promote root growth, establishment, and winter survival.
  • Once the hole is filled in, lightly tamp down the soil to remove any air pockets.
  • Water in thoroughly.
  • Your newly planted perennial, tree, or shrub will need ample moisture in its first few years of establishment, up until the first frost each year.

Check out this video for a step by step on how to plant a tree or shrub!