CBD Cannabis Seeds Tatanka Pure - Pack of 3

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Tatanka Pure CBD delivers a heavy load of cannabidiol to the system, resulting in a range of physiological effects.

atanka Pure CBD delivers a high level of CBD without any psychotropic effects. Her resinous flowers produce between 9–14% cannabidiol. You can maximise CBD content with optimal lighting and nutrition. Tatanka Pure CBD features 70% indica genetics and provides a calm, clear-headed, and stress-busting high. A large bong or vape hit results in instant relaxation and momentary zen. The THC level of this strain never exceeds 0.25%. You can smoke these flowers all day long while remaining fully functional.

Tatanka Pure CBD offers an unusual yet pleasant smell. Her buds emanate contrasting scents of caramel and bitterness. The terpenes behind this scent confuse the taste buds initially, yet leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Tatanka Pure CBD provides a substantial stash of flowers. Plants grown indoors provide up to 15.9 oz/m² after a flowering time of only 6–7 weeks. Plants cultivated outdoors in the elements offer a large return of 15.9 oz/plant and reach up to 62.4 inches in height. Prepare to harvest outdoor plants for Early October.

Tonkadale is not able to ship seeds at this time. They are available for curbside pickup or in-store purchase. Royal Queen Seeds are available at www.royalqueenseeds.com